Layoffs at St. Petersburg Times

Julie Moos reports on the St. Petersburg Times:

When he announced a recent 5 percent pay cut for staff and change in severance payments, St. Petersburg Times chairman and CEO Paul Tash said the cost-cutting “will likely include further job reductions,” and now it has. In a memo to staff, executive editor Neil Brown acknowledged that layoffs at the Poynter-owned paper had started. “The economy affords us no guarantees,” Brown wrote, “but we hope to wrap up these staffing decisions by the middle of October.” We’ve been told about eight people who were laid off, but have confirmed only three. The full memo follows.

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One response to “Layoffs at St. Petersburg Times

  1. Final count in newsroom was about 15, I think.
    Crazy times in journalism ….

    Ester V., one of those laid off
    (but much happier now that I’m free)

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