Layoffs at Portland Press Herald

An update on the Portland Press Herald:

The Guild was notified yesterday about the company’s plan to reduce the number of employees at the Portland Press Herald, starting with a voluntary severance program and followed by layoffs.  In response to declining revenues, the company plans to reduce the number of employees at the Portland Press Herald by approximately 40 people, including represented employees and managers, although the final number will vary depending on who takes the buyout.  All job classifications are eligible for the program.  Between buyouts and layoffs, the workforce will be reduced by about 15 percent, according to our estimate.

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One response to “Layoffs at Portland Press Herald

  1. tedcohen

    File under “union naiveté”

    Rather than paying lip service to its claims of wanting to come to the aid of its brethren, the guild should learn the lessons of the past.

    “We know we can count on Guild members to support each other during this time of financial upheaval,” said a memo issued by the guild.

    The only way to justify such claims is to save each other’s jobs. Go to management. Offer across-the-board pay cuts.

    Facing management threats of layoffs, unionists have really one choice – concede for the greater good.

    Or pretend to do so – and keep your job while your sister or brother walks out the door.

    The guild’s leadership is well-intentioned – but short-sighted – in saying that the rank and file will “support each other during this financial upheaval.”

    After going through many of these layoffs and buyouts, guild members should by now have figured out that management in the final analysis will have the last laugh.

    Managers have done this before.

    And they will do it again.

    For once and for all, guild people, show your resourcefulness.

    Stop making hollow claims about caring for each other’s plight.

    Put your money where your mouth is.

    You can save jobs.

    Abandon your 19th-century rhetoric.

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