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Since the release of the New York Times documentary “Page One,” I have been e-mailed questions regarding what “Fit to Print” is all about, who is appearing in it, and when the documentary will be released. As well, there have been a few articles floating around on the web which have mistaken my background and specifics of the documentary.


Just to clarify a few things for the record:

– A recent review of “Page One” in Vogue mentioned that another documentary, “Fit to Print” is “an in-depth look into the hardships facing American newspapers and the rising power of the digital mediums”, directed by “Adam Chadwick – who has been a jouralist for the nytimes.com” .

I was not a journalist for The New York Times.  I was a lowly copy-editor who corrected photo captions and headlines for New York Times digital archives. The lowest man on the totem-pole.  I also held the record at the Times for most financial contributions to the vending machines on the 14th floor of the Times’ dining hall.

– In regards to the several e-mails asking when I began the documentary “Fit to Print”:

The production on “Fit to Print” began in January 2009.  We have wrapped up filming and are now in post-production with the project.

– In regards to whom we have interviewed for the film:

We have interviewed a handful of Times reporters and staffers, however, because this is a documentary film on the U.S. newspaper industry which analyzes how the business first began to change, as well as targeting the loss of investigative reporting, the project includes reporters and publishers from across the country.

– In regards to when the documentary will be released:

When are finished editing and feel we have told America’s newspaper story to the best of our ability.


Hopefully this helps clarify a few things.  Thank you for your support and please stay tuned for “Fit to Print” updates!

– Adam Chadwick


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