Inside Information on HuffPo?

Joe Mullin reports on the Huffington Post lawsuit:

There’s been plenty of discussion of Jonathan Tasini’s recent lawsuit against The Huffington Post and AOL (NYSE: AOL), much of it critical. When Arianna Huffington replied late yesterday, saying that the suit was nonsense and that the vast majority of HuffPo’s bloggers “are thrilled to contribute,” she had no shortage of sympathetic essays to link to. And there’s good reason for the criticism—Tasini not only agreed to HuffPo’s terms, but went on to write for publication for over five years. So what was Tasini thinking in filing his lawsuit? I caught up with him today to find out why he wrote for HuffPo in the first place, why he waited so long to sue, and whether he believes that his legal argument applies to other “user-generated” sites Facebook and YouTube (NSDQ: GOOG). Excerpts of our interview follow.

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