Huff? Nooo! As Longtime Huffington Hands Cash In, Others ‘What If?’

A select few at the Huffington Post will be receiving compensation for their writing.  Mike Taylor at Media Mob details further:

A certain amount of grumbling is par for the course in the media business these days—an ambient hum so pervasive you almost forget it’s there. But that disconsolate keening seems to have reached a new pitch with AOL’s staggering $315 million purchase of the Huffington Post, an aggregation-loving site that, in the words of one Web editor, makes fellow page-view-hoarders Tina Brown and Nick Denton “look heroic.” The deal means hefty payouts not only for proprietress Arianna Huffington (rumored to have landed somewhere around $20 million) but also for some of her minions. Sources tell The Observer that a half-dozen or so original employees are expecting payouts of around $1 million each.

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