The Washington Post’s Trove targets news personalization, digital innovation

Because of the positive feedback we’ve received from our Facebook fans regarding our aggregated article postings on the newspaper and media industry, we will begin to post more links on this page as well.  We will focus on the week’s “Best of the Best” from news sources across the board.  We will target news directly related to the changing dynamic of the newspaper industry, while also including the latest news on digital technology and other relevant topics within media.  We will also continue to add updates on the progress of  FIT TO PRINT – A DOCUMENTARY FILM ON THE U.S. NEWSPAPER INDUSTRY.

Damon Kiesow of Poynter reports on Trove, a new personalized aggregation service.  The site will be launched next month.

The Washington Post’s Trove targets news personalization, digital innovation

Describing the personalized aggregation service Trove as a “next generation” news experience, The Washington Post’s Vijay Ravindran figures it probably won’t save journalism on its own, but it’s a start.

The site, which will aggregate and personalize news from among 10,000 online sources, launches into public beta next month. It will be free at, and on mobile apps for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

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