Apple Sub Plan Might Mean War

Because of the positive feedback we’ve received from our Facebook fans regarding our aggregated article postings on the newspaper and media industry, we will begin to post more links on this page as well.  We will focus on the week’s “Best of the Best” from news sources across the board.  We will target news directly related to the changing dynamic of the newspaper industry, while also including the latest news on digital technology and other relevant topics within media.  We will also continue to add updates on the progress of  FIT TO PRINT – A DOCUMENTARY FILM ON THE U.S. NEWSPAPER INDUSTRY.

Lucia Moses of MediaWeek examines the continuing struggle between Apple and publishers of magazines and newspapers as they continue to debate the 30% cut Apple wants from subscriptions sold through the iPad.

Apple Sub Plan Might Mean War

When Apple announced its iPad subscription plan for newspapers and magazines last week, publishers should have jumped for joy. It was the announcement they had been waiting for, after all. Instead, it seems the news has only deepened the divide between Apple and the industry, and brought them closer to open war.

“They’re the beautiful girlfriend you had in high school who was a bitch for no apparent reason,” grumbled one publishing executive, who like most won’t criticize Apple on the record. “They’re putting publishers on a very tricky path by making no promises and moving at a glacial pace. They’ve chosen to make it as difficult as possible to execute. They’re frenemies, for sure. You have to hope at some point the FCC or someone here begins to look at it.”

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